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Packaging & Solutions

"Von der Glitzerwelt in die Welt der Verpackungen"

The experience, which I made in the production area on the basis of the headlight module C217 for the company Swarovski, showed me, that each product is only as good as its packaging and with good packaging ensures each product for the necessary attention. 


"ALL in One"

By concentrating on the essentials and implement "lean" and bureaucratic systems, which comply the standard requirements. QPM supports you to create custom solutions and consulting to offer to meet your needs and bring you as a company / entrepreneur / inner forward.

Packaging & Solutions

"High Quality Merchandising"

Wir bieten außergewöhnliche Werbemittel mit Fokus auf Qualität und hoher Produktzuverlässigkeit. Alle unsere Merchandise Artikel können mit Ihrem Logo bedruckt werden.
Wir unterstützten Sie bei jeder Idee.
"Geht nicht" - Gibt`s bei uns nicht!

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About QPM

QPM stands for Quality Product Management

Qualitative thinking plays an important and prominent role in many areas of life. The indispensable for experience I could gather as quality manager of the company “Hoerbiger” valve works and then at Swarovski Energy. So I was getting possible far-reaching insights into both, the metal and in the automotive industry.
My quality thinking, technical understanding and an extensive network in the industry flow into my business and working with my clients.